Wednesday Dec 9, GEA Östra Sjukhuset, plan 3

Pre-course hands on workshop on polypectomy and EMR

12.00 Lunch

13.00 Hands on course – Polypectomy and EMR (Maximum 26 participants)

Thursday Dec 10,  Stadsmuseet, Göteborg

09.30 Sandwich and coffee in sponsor exhibition

10.00 Welcome and start of meeting

10.10 Live demo endoscopy

12.00 Lunch (coffee in sponsor exhibition)

13.10 What do I have to remove and what can I leave? Risk of cancer development in colorectal adenomas (to be announced)

13.50 Centralization, and a novel tool for real time second opinion assessment during endoscopy (Gunnar Baathrup, Denmark)

14.30 Management of early colorectal cancer (Roel Hompes, the Netherlands)

15.10 Live demo endoscopic Full Thickness Resection (Tomasz Radomski & Morteza Shafazand)

15.30 Coffee in sponsor exhibition

16.00 Treatment of recurrent lesions – Why TEM surgery will survive (Jörg Baral, Germany)

16.30 Management of complex colorectal adenomas – Panel discussion

17.00 Questions

19.00 Dinner

Friday Dec 11, Stadsmuseet, Göteborg

08.00 High quality colonoscopy and how to reduce post colonoscopy colorectal cancer (Michal Kaminski, Poland)

08.45 Improving colonoscopy quality in Sweden (Stefan Willmarsson, Sweden)

09.15 The future perspective – Is it already here? Artificial intelligence in endoscopy (Thomas de Lange, Norway)

09.45 Coffee in sponsor exhibition

10.15 Risk factors for lymph node metastasis in T1 colorectal cancer Is the Sm classification becoming obsolete? (Henrik Thorlacius, Sweden)

10.45 Non operative management of rectal cancer – Evidence and endoscopic response assessment (Eva Angenete & Daniel Rydbeck, Sweden)

11.15 Polyp Quiz – Assessment and treatment?

11.45 Closing remarks and questions to the faculty

12.15 Lunch wrap in sponsor exhibition